Tema (notorioustemo) wrote,

This Time, with a Little Less Feeling

See Tema Sleep

See Tema Read

See Tema Eat

See Tema's Senior Recital

Sunday, May 21 at 7 PM
Seymour St. John Chapel
Choate Rosemary Hall

Wieniawski, Bach, Gershwin, Brahms
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You're really cute.

If I'm not in Boston on Sunday night, I may come.
But, that book... it's upside-down!
well, it's not like musicians know how to read.

Deleted comment


May 19 2006, 18:59:37 UTC 10 years ago

i repeat: see tema plagiarzie


May 21 2006, 15:57:38 UTC 10 years ago

plagiarze? or however you spelled it?

learn how to spell before you criticize, it's rude.

and tema's smart, funny, and cynical. if anyone's plagiarizing, you're plagiarizing her. i know who you are.


May 23 2006, 01:42:03 UTC 10 years ago

well, it's spelled correctly in the facebook post i made the day before, so my aforementioned spelling of the word plagIarize is something called a typo

unless i'm mistaken, a good example of plagIarism would be to use someone else's recital poster template, insert your own name in the captions, and add the corresponding pictures...but then again, i don't even know how to spell the word

it's also a joke between myself, Matthew Mouradian (for those who don't know who i am), and Tema, the only genuinely smart, funny, and cynical person in the world- all others who possess these characteristics in any way are plagIarzing Tema

and if you really knew Tema, you'd know that she's very into plagIarism- just ask her about where she got the idea for one of her screen names or why she decided to upgrade her eyeglasses, among other things- which is why what i said is funny, and why Tema took little to no offense to it, and why such maliciousness seems rather misdirected


May 23 2006, 02:01:20 UTC 10 years ago

just so there's no confusion, in the third paragraph, fourth word, i made another typographical error...i meant to spell it plagiarizing, but i seemed to have forgotten to type the "i" in between the "r" and the "z." just to clarify, i don't know why anyone would interpret "plagiarzie" as a mispelling rather than a typo...yesterday, tema informed me that my mistake of having forgotten the "i" inbetween the "g" and the "a," a common and easily made mistake, had elicited a very harsh reply post. hence the capitalization of the "I" in all forms of the word "plagiarize" appearing my previous post- but alas, tema was mistaken, and i did not take the time to re-read my original post.
fyi, usually when somone mispells a word, the incorrect spelling produced matches the pronunciation of the word, such as "plagarize." at the fundamental level, this is what specifically makes such an error a mispelling, because it appears as though it's correct. however, i don't believe i've ever heard the word "play-jur-zee," which is how my mispelling would be pronounced.
OMG. Moomintroll. LOVE. O_O
Interesting journal! Musicians don't read? hmmm. well, most of us have read this one! Good choice, haha
I hate to misss it tema, i always wanted to see you play.
-laura w.
See Tema be awesome. See me miss it because I was in Maryland.


June 5 2006, 15:58:32 UTC 10 years ago

congrats on graduating! yay.
just a few more days :-)
see you soon.
p.s- are you in 135?


June 28 2006, 13:24:06 UTC 10 years ago

tema is emo, but its ok to be emo


July 12 2006, 05:39:29 UTC 10 years ago

see tema be lazy and not update her lj.
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