Tema (notorioustemo) wrote,

Everything Wants to Float

I am in thrall to gravity.

Déja, Indeed.

I sometimes fear that I shall never view
A French film lacking Gérard Depardieu.

Instead of saying “déja vu all over again,” which is apparently a far more popular phrase than I had realized, why don’t people just say “déja vu ce que j’ai déja vu”—
Or something cute and catchy like “double déja”—

* * *

I’m fairly certain I will never find something so loyal as a bad habit.

Sonnets to Orpheus: 24

Shall we renounce our age-old friendship,
the great undemanding gods, because the hard
steel we raised so fiercely doesn't know them?
Or shall we suddenly search for them on a map?

These potent friends who take the dead from us
nowhere brush against our wheels. We've
moved our baths and our banquet places far away,
and their messengers, long too slow for us

we forever outstrip. More alone now, wholly
dependent on each other, strangers to each other,
we no longer plot beautiful meandering roads

but remorseless thoroughfares. Only in steam boilers
do the old fires burn, driving pistons, even more gigantic.
While we feel our strength ebb, like swimmers.
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